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Kitchen and bathroom ventilation fans

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Our kitchen and bathroom fans are a popular choice within our air ventilation range. Kitchen and bathroom fans are designed to beat the toughest condensation and black mould issues within a property and ensure that poor air quality does not create an unhealthy living environment within your home.They are excellent at eradicating excess moisture, condensation and black mould issues that are localised within kitchen and bathroom environments.

How kitchen and bathroom fans work

Kitchen and bathroom fans extract the warm, moist air from your home and put it safely outside your property which will prevent condensation. When the fan is not in operation it will automatically close over its vents so it does not allow cold air into your property.

Types of kitchen and bathroom fans

Sensamatic ventilation fan

Sensamatic ventilation fans

Detects damp and humidity and will work proactively to ensure humidity is reduced to pre-set levels.

Sensamatic ventilation fans

Datamatic ventilation fan

Datamatic ventilation fans

Holds and records up to 60 weeks of continuous data to keep your property healthy and to keep you informed about the levels of dampness, condensation and humiditiy in your property.

Datamatic ventilation fans

The benefits of kitchen and bathroom fans

  • Very quiet in operation
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Lower energy costs - keeping with Government directive regarding energy efficient appliances
  • No maintenance required
  • Alleviates condensation
  • Alleviates black mould
  • Cost-effective condensation treatment and solution

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Other ventilation and condensation treatment options

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