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Condensation in double glazing

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Condensation within double glazing typically suggests that there is a problem with the sealed unit of the windows. This means that a point in the edge seal of the window has failed and is allowing moisture enter in the form of condensation. This form of moisture/condensation in double glazing is often the sign that the sealant between the glass and frame will have to be renewed.

What causes condensation in double glazing?

You often see condensation in double glazed windows because the surface temperature of the window is cooler than the air inside the room. If the sealant around the double glazing has failed then the warm air is susceptible to entering the gap between the glass panes. When this warm air comes in contact with the cold air between the panes, it condenses. This is the same as condensation on windows without double glazing however, because in double glazing the windows are sealed there is nowhere for the moisture to escape to.

If this is left untreated the condensation in the window can slide down the glass and onto the wall below. This can cause problems such as black mould or even the possibility of more serious problems such as wet rot or dry rot. Condensation in double glazing can also be unsightly as it will ‘fog’ the view out of the window.

Preventing condensation in double glazing

Firstly, to help prevent condensation in double glazing, regularly check the seals around your windows to ensure there are no failures.  To do this, you can check round the edge of the window for any gaps in the sealant by running a finger along it. If you feel any breakages in the sealant then it should be replaced.

Moreover, to minimise the occurrence of condensation appearing with the double glazing, it is advisable to help minisise the amount of moisture there may be within your property.  If there is excess moisture in the air it will condense onto cooler surfaces so you should attempt to remove this excess moisture. This can be done by ensuring that your home is well ventilated or you can also use a dehumidifier.

Treating condensation in double glazing

If you have condensation in double glazing then it is a sign that the sealant has failed and this usually means that it will have to be replaced or sealed. If the windows are dated then replacing the whole unit can be recommended so that the same problem does not occur again.

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