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Dry rot

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Dry rot is one of the most damaging conditions you can get in a property.  To grow or flourish, dry rot needs moisture.  This could come from many sources such as a drip from a leaky pipe, rain water from the roof, damaged gutters or down pipes. 

Once it starts growing, often unseen, it can inflict serious damage on timber anywhere in a property.  The longer you leave it, the worse it can become with the unfortunate knock on effect of increasing the likely cost of dry rot treatment.

How dry rot occurs

Dry rot spores are present everywhere to some degree in every home.  On their own they are harmless.  However, if they are given water they will germinate forming a large fluffy cotton wool like fungus.  Once it reaches this stage, dry rot can cause serious harm to a building causing timber to lose its structure and integrity over time.  To find out more on what it looks like and how to spot it, visit our how to identify dry rot web page.

How to fix a dry rot problem

A survey will be able to identify the full scope of any dry rot problem.  Using specialist surveying tools the progress of any dry rot infestations can be checked in concealed areas within a property.  If a survey reveals the presence of dry rot then the dry rot treatment recommended will depend on the severity of the dry rot outbreak. 

To find out more information on how to fix a dry rot problem, visit the following web pages.

Dry rot treatment and solutions

Dry rot treatment

Information on dry rot, how it is caused and what you can do about it

Dry rot treatment

Dry rot property survey

Dry rot survey

If you are unsure if you have a dry rot problem or another rot related issue, contract Wise Property Care for a no obligation dry rot property survery.  You can find out more by about our property surveys by clicking on the link.

Dry rot property survey

Speak to a dry rot specialist

At Wise Property Care, we are experts at identifying and treating dry rot.

If you suspect your property may have dry rot, call Wise Property Care on 0800 65 22 678, find your local branch or click to contact us online using our contact form for help, advice and treatment solutions.

Suspect dry rot0800 65 22 678

More information on dry rot or rot issues

For more information on dry rot, visit the following web pages.

  • Identify dry rot:  Information on how to identify a dry rot issue within your property.
  • What is dry rot?: Learn more about dry rot.  Check out our guide on what is dry rot.
  • Dry rot lifecycle: Learn more about the 4 stages of dry rot and why it is important to be familar with te stages to ensure the correct dry rot treatment
  • Wet rot: Unsure if you have a dry or wet rot issue. Visit our information page to wet rot to find out more on the subject

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The survey was arranged and the necessary works identified and explained quickly and concisely. After reviewing the quote, the works were scheduled within a couple of weeks. The guy who actually did the work was friendly and informative and the work has been done to an apparently high standard. All in all, very happy with the overall experience. Price seemed competitive too.
First rate service from start to finish. Rising damp problem resolved with extreme professionalism and care. Cannot rate highly enough. Fab tradesmen, fab work...........just fab!
I have dealt with Wise property care for a number of years now and have found them to be very professional in all aspects of their business.