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Property MOT & health check

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Most homeowners only consider the health of their home when buying or selling.  By giving your home a regular property MOT health check however, property problems can be avoided and others caught quickly before they become property repair issues.

Having to put the car through an MOT is second nature to most motorists.  If however, we want to make life that little bit more pleasant in the future and save ourselves unnecessary property repairs, it is certainly a good idea to consider putting your home through a similar property MOT each year. 

What is involved with a property MOT health check

Prevention is always better than cure and this is especially true for problems in the home.  Spending time looking closely at your home or getting a professional to give a property health check could be the best way possible of maintaining the value of your property.

At Wise Property Care, we can give your home a top to bottom property MOT health check providing you with information regarding the condition of your property using the latest diagnostic technology available. If there are any concerns, we will identify the problem and give advice towards a solution and potential cost implications associated to have your property repaired. 

Property MOT health checks & home reports

Are you about to sell your home and are worried what a Home Report will say about the health and condition of your property?  The “Home Report Survey” often yields some unexpected surprises about your property’s health that can have significant consequences to your sales process as all significant defects within your property will be listed within your Home Report Survey. 

Our specialist surveyors can give a pre-sale property health check of your property before you go down the path of obtaining your Home Report helping you avoid answering questions related to dry rot and damp problems within the property questionaire. 

Using our industry qualified surveyors, we can visit your property and check for any potential property problems, and if necessary, provide you with a solution that is likely to prevent nasty surprises such as dry rot and damp problems being highlighted within your Home Report.  Backed by our ‘real and meaningful’ property repair guarantee that is transferable to your potential buyer, you can have peace of mind that your property if fit and health for the housing market. 

Organise a property MOT health check

Property health check - contact us onlineTo organise a property MOT health check, contact Wise Property Care on 0800 65 22 678 or contact your local branch.  Alternatively, contact us online using our online contact form.

With our 20 year property repair guarantee covering any property repairs that may be neccessary, you can feel assured that your property will soon have a clean bill of health.

The Wise credentials and other additional information

For more information about Wise Property Care and why our property surveys are considered one of the best in the industry, visit the links to the web pages below:

Property experience & qualifications

Wise Property Care is one of the most qualified and experience specialists in the industry.  Find out more about our qualification and experience.

Property experience & qualificiations

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Reviews & testimonials

Find out what our customers have to say about Wise Property Care and our service.

Reviews & testimonials

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Wise Property Care is rated 4.60 stars by based on 42 merchant reviews

4.60 / 5 Rating
42 Reviews
The survey was arranged and the necessary works identified and explained quickly and concisely. After reviewing the quote, the works were scheduled within a couple of weeks. The guy who actually did the work was friendly and informative and the work has been done to an apparently high standard. All in all, very happy with the overall experience. Price seemed competitive too.
First rate service from start to finish. Rising damp problem resolved with extreme professionalism and care. Cannot rate highly enough. Fab tradesmen, fab work...........just fab!
I have dealt with Wise property care for a number of years now and have found them to be very professional in all aspects of their business.