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Rising damp treatment and solutions

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The most common forms of rising damp treatment usually involves the injection of a siliconate type chemical either in the form of solution or cream, another option is an active Electro Osmotic system. Dependant on the thickness of the walls, this is usually done by drilling holes in a band around the affected wall and injecting the recommended chemical or cream solution or installing the Electro Osmotic system.A physical rising damp membrane to form a new damp proof barrier is also an option.

Afterwards, any salt contaminated plasterwork should be replaced.  If the plasterwork is not properly removed and replaced with specialist salt retardant plaster, the salts that are present in the plaster may continue to absorb moisture from the air even after the installation of a new retrofit damp proof course giving the appearance of dampness.

Professional rising damp treatment

At Wise Property Care, our fully qualified and experienced surveyors are experts at identifying and treating rising damp and will arrange for a suitable solution for your rising damp problem.  After an initial property survey and confirmation of a rising damp issue, our professional surveyors will propose a rising damp solution that best suits your property.  It can include:

Chemical damp proof treatment

Recommended for most types of walling, it involves the injection of chemical under pressure into holes drilled at intervals into the wall at levels decided where practical by our surveyor at the time of a property inspection.

Injection mortar/creams

Ideal for many applications and particularly good where a good sized bed joint is visible, our injection creams are injected under low pressure and is carried by rising damp into the mortar beds and rubble where it crystalises to form an impermeable rising damp barrier.

Electro osmotic treatment

This active system introduces a very small electric current into the wall just above the ground level that pushes moisture back down the wall and ensures walls are dry and free of damp

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Once the rising damp treatment has been installed, any affected plaster can be removed and replaced using our specialist plaster that incorporates a waterproof additive and a dense sand with cement render.  Afterwards, our team will ensure your property is left clean and safe.

Whatever rising damp treatment that may be required, you can be assured that it carries the benefit of our 'real and meaningful' 20 year property repair guarantee giving you the backing of Scotland’s leading damp, rot and woodworm specialist.

Contact us regarding rising damp treatment

If you suspect your property may require rising damp treatment, contact Wise Property Care today for professional help, advice or to arrange a survey.

Alternatively, click to contact us online ot to find out about our property survey.

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Why Wise Property Care for rising damp treatment

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Our rising damp treatment credentials

Find out what makes Wise Property Care a rising damp expert.  Click on the video on the right to view our rising damp and damp proofing credentials and memberships.

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Our rising damp treatment guarantee

With our 20 year property repair guarantee, you can have peace of mind that your dry rot problems will soon be over.

More information on rising damp

For more information on rising damp, visit the web pages below:

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Wise Property Care is rated 4.60 stars by based on 42 merchant reviews

4.60 / 5 Rating
42 Reviews
The survey was arranged and the necessary works identified and explained quickly and concisely. After reviewing the quote, the works were scheduled within a couple of weeks. The guy who actually did the work was friendly and informative and the work has been done to an apparently high standard. All in all, very happy with the overall experience. Price seemed competitive too.
First rate service from start to finish. Rising damp problem resolved with extreme professionalism and care. Cannot rate highly enough. Fab tradesmen, fab work...........just fab!
I have dealt with Wise property care for a number of years now and have found them to be very professional in all aspects of their business.