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Cavity wall ties

Contact us onlineIf you have cavity walls within your property and your walls are cracking or bulging, you may need cavity wall tie replacements.

At Wise Property Care, our structural repairs expertise for cavity wall tie replacement is simple, non intrusive and cost effective providing you with a permanent solution and preventing any further cracks appearing within your masonry.

What are cavity wall ties

Cavity wall tiesCavity wall ties are forms of wall tie commonly made of metal coated in bitumen or zinc and are used for certain structural repairs. They are used to hold together a cavity wall system of two separate walls introduced in the early 20th century that offered better protection from the elements as well as reduce the amount of heat lost from a property. However, it is when these cavity wall ties begin to fail that they can compromise the structural integrity of the property, and if left for a long period of time, can lead to very costly structural repairs.

Repairing and replacing cavity wall ties

Cavity wall tiesOur fully experienced and qualified local surveyors have a range of solutions at their disposal to solve a cavity wall tie issue. With our technology and expertise, repairing and stabilising cracked masonry is simple, quick and effective. Our cavity wall ties provide a permanent and economical solution to cracked masonry walls.

Using a combination of specialist equipment such as metal detector, fibre optic boroscopes and low impact drills, we can seamlessly detect, find and replace any defective cavity wall ties quickly and easily while minimising the impact of any works on you and your property.

Find out more about cavity wall tie replacement

To find out more about cavity wall tie replacement, call Wise Property Care today on 0800 65 22 678. Alternatively, you can request a property survey online where one of our local surveyors will come and assess your cavity wall ties and recommend a solution.

Remember, with our 10 year structural property repair guarantee, you can have peace of mind that your cavity wall problem will soon be over.

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Other options for structural repairs

Unsure if our cavity wall tie replacement is right for you?  If so, check out some of the other structural repair solutions below:

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Speak to a structural repairs expert

If you are unsure of the nature of your structural problem, you can contact one of our structural specialists for some help and advice.  To speak to one of our specialists, simply call 0800 65 22 678 or click to contact us online using our contact form and we will arrange for the local structural expert to contact you.

For more information about structural issues, visit our structural repairs web page where you will find a usual video with help, advice and treatment solutions

Cavity wall tie replacement - contact an expert0800 65 22 678

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The survey was arranged and the necessary works identified and explained quickly and concisely. After reviewing the quote, the works were scheduled within a couple of weeks. The guy who actually did the work was friendly and informative and the work has been done to an apparently high standard. All in all, very happy with the overall experience. Price seemed competitive too.
First rate service from start to finish. Rising damp problem resolved with extreme professionalism and care. Cannot rate highly enough. Fab tradesmen, fab work...........just fab!
I have dealt with Wise property care for a number of years now and have found them to be very professional in all aspects of their business.