Are you unsure as to what you should be looking out for when selecting a damp, rot or woodworm company? Have a look at our essential guide below:

  1. Ask around, check with family, friends and work colleagues for their recommendations and search for customer reviews & testimonials.
  2. Look out for the appropriate Property Care Association (PCA) or other industrial body logos on adverts and vans – especially if you need to find someone in an emergency.
  3. Go for local firms with established premises and reputations. Be wary if the only point of contact is a mobile phone number. Find a local Wise Property Care Branch near you.
  4. Get references and check them out. Ask about property repair guarantees, qualifications and appropriate indemnity insurance.
  5. Be clear about exactly what work you want done and what you expect. To give a better idea of what you should expect, check out our property repair process as a guide and measure towards what you should expect.
  6. Ask the company if the property survey and work will be in accordance with the British Standard Code of Practice. It gives guidance on proper diagnosis and treatment of damp, rot and woodworm problems.
  7. Do not be too impatient. A good damp, rot and woodworm company is usually busy.
  8. Do not pay fully up front, even in an emergency. As a rule of thumb, you should expect to put down a deposit of between 30-40%. 
  9. Ensure you get a detailed quote for the work.
  10. Avoid paying cash and always get a receipt. Similar to online transactions, by using a credit card (if you have one) you have additional buyer protection if there is a dispute.
  11. Keep a record of the damp, rot or timber work that has been completed and all payments made.
  12. And lastly, do not be afraid to ask questions. Reputable damp, rot and woodworm companies will welcome questions and will be happy to talk a job through. In addition, at whatever stage, do not be afraid to seek further advice from membership bodies such as the Property Care Association (PCA).


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