CPD Seminars

Wise Property Care now have formal CPD accredited status


Wise Property Care now have formal CPD accredited status with the CPD Standards Office meaning we can provide insightful and reliable learning to your business while providing you with official CPD Certificates for your records. 

These can be delivered face to face at a time and location suited to you, however we also offer a range of virtual webinars throughout the year which can be attended remotely. All our webinars are free of charge.

OUR Accredited Seminars

Damp Control: A guide to the various types of damp problems and the best treatment for each.

Learning objectives include:

  • Moisture profiling and how it helps damp diagnosis
  • Techniques for treating different types of water ingress such as lateral rainwater penetration, condensation and rising damp
  • Damp treatment methods for different properties including systems for listed building

Condensation Control: Looking at the causes and consequences of condensation in properties.

Learning objectives include:

  • How condensation and mould problems start
  • How to deal with excess humidity and mould
  • Whole-house ventilation units and heat exchange fans

Basement Waterproofing:  A look into underground structures and the associated British Standards guidelines.

Learning objective include:

  • Why proper waterproofing design is vital
  • Why waterproofing can fail
  • What is BS8102?
  • Why is BS8102 important?

Woodworm, Wet and Dry Rot and Timber Repairs: How to spot the signs of timber decay in a building.

Learning objectives include:

  • Their individual characteristics of woodworm and rot
  • How to identify timber decay and the latest survey and treatment methods
  • The use of resins to repair large section timbers

Invasive Weeds: An indepth look into invasive weeds and the legislation surrounding them.

Learning objectives:

  • The impact of invasive non-native weeds
  • Definitions of invasive and non-native plants and weeds
  • Japanese Knotweed, Himalayan Balsam, Giant Hogweed, Buddleia an overview and methods for their remediation
  • Legislation & the legal risks
  • The penalties
  • The opportunities
  • The correct approach for the management of invasive non-native weeds

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