Have you made your "new year's property resolutions"?


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New Year, New Property 

Happy New Year!

We’re just over a week into January which is normally the time that the takeaway menu comes back out and the gym membership is torn to shreds. Sadly, some New Year's resolutions are just too hard to stick to but what about making some “New Year’s Property Resolutions”?

If losing a few pounds does not motivate you, what about the potential to save thousands of pounds by making some simple property resolutions? Some simple actions could significantly boost the state of your property this year as well as avoiding expensive damp treatment down the line. 

Clean out gutters and pipes

Many damp problems can be avoided by simple everyday lifestyle changes, one of which being regularly cleaning out gutters and pipes. If left ignored, gutters will become blocked over time, allowing water to build up which may potentially penetrate from the outside of the building to the inside of your property. Penetrating damp can cause significant property problems and may eventually lead to more serious problems such as wet rot, dry rot and permanent structural damage.

Penetrating damp can also be avoided by fixing gaps in windows, cracks in roof work or any potential entry points for moisture into your property.

Ventilate your property

The most common damp problem homeowners experience is condensation but in the majority of cases, it can be avoided by simple lifestyle changes. Condensation occurs when warm air meets colder air on a cool surface. It is important that the excess moisture can be ventilated before the water can be released to form condensation. Condensation can cause unsightly property problems such as black mould and can be avoided with simple property resolutions this year.

Condensation is most likely to be found in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms where excess moisture is created from cooking and cleaning. Regularly opening windows with doors closed can help ventilate a property. Pots should be kept on pans when cooking and dry clothes outside whenever possible. Unfortunately, the winter climate can make this impossible at times so clothes should be dried in a tumble dryer or hanging with the door closed and windows open.

Don’t Ignore Signs of Damp

If it is too late to action the above resolutions because your property is already experiencing damp problems, then it is important to treat the issue as soon as possible. If the damp problems in your property are too severe for DIY treatment, we would strongly recommend that you contact a professionally trained and qualified surveyor. Damp problems tend to get worse over time and therefore more expensive to treat in the long run. Catching a damp or rot issue early simplifies the treatment process and can save you thousands of pounds before extensive property damage can occur. Damp patches on internal or external walls and damaged or cracked plaster are tell tale signs of a damp issue but don’t hesitate to report any suspect signs of damp in your property.

Unsure if your property has been affected by damp?

Our damp specialists have decades of experience at identifying types of damp and providing damp treatment If you suspect your property may have an ongoing damp issue, then don’t hesitate to contact Wise Property Care on 0808 159 6958 or fill out our short contact form now to get in touch with one of our damp specialists who can offer you expert advice on how to treat the damp issue in your home.

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