Could black mould kill a child?

Is it that dangerous?


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A single mother in Malvern, near Birmingham, has claimed that the black mould that is growing in her kitchen could kill her son who suffers from cystic fibrosis, a life threatening lung disease. 

Nicola Daniels from Bishop Frome, Malvern lives in Festival Housing with her 13-year-old son. The black mould problem first started when the sink dropped and water started leaking down the side of it. Black mould started to build up around the kitchen and over the past 4 years the problem has steadily worsened with excess black mould and condensation spreading throughout the house.

Black mould health concerns

Black mould health problems in children are not uncommon and black mould can lead to conditions such as asthma in young children. Sufferers of cystic fibrosis are particularly prone to infections so it is imperative that they have a healthy and clean environment to live in.

Ms Daniels first reported the black mould issue 4 years ago but Festival Housing refused to deal with the problem, insisting it was not actually a health risk. However, Ms Daniel’s has now produced letters from her local GP and from specialist nurses from the local children’s hospital which all call for the kitchen to be replaced.

Festival Housing has now agreed to replace the kitchen to fix the black mould issues. Black mould removal is possible, however, it is vital that you tackle the source of the condensation problem and you should try to prevent condensation in the first place. Sufficient air ventilation is vital.

The Rotter responds to black mould health concerns

Les Meikle, a.k.a, The Rotter from Wise Property Care spoke out about the black mould health concerns in Malvern. The Rotter stated that “black mould in homes is a serious issue. It is important that they are dealt with quickly once reported. Although it is often the case that condensation and lifestyle is the main cause of black mould, this was not the case here. The black mould formed due to a faulty kitchen sink and should have been fixed promptly. If this had been done it would have been far cheaper to repair than having to replace a whole kitchen.”