Family concerned by damp and mould

Black mould affects children's health


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A young mother is concerned for the health of her young child due to a damp and mould problem affecting her home.

Alex Allcock claims that she faces a daily battle to keep her home a damp and mould free place and has had conflicting advice from her local council on the best plan of action to take.

Damp and mould caused by condensation

Ms Allcock’s claims that a local councillor in Staffordshire has stated that the damp and mould problem in her home is due to condensation and went on to state that there is not a health issue within the property and that the family is in no danger.

This contradicts advice that Ms Allcock claims she was given by a council worker who stated that the black mould problem could potentially be dangerous to her child if her daughter breathed in the spores released from the damp. The council has advised Ms Allcock to leave her heating turned on and open her windows to allow a good air flow around her home and reduce the condensation damage.

Damp and mould treatment

Ms Allcock’s local council have stated that they have already stripped back wallpaper and used a condensation mould kit to remove the damp patches from Ms Allcock’s home. They are advising that she makes lifestyle changes to reduce the amount of condensation within her home. Ms Allcock, who is unemployed, has stated that she cannot afford to have her heating on for 12 hours a day to ensure her young child is not affected by the damp and black mould.

The Rotter on damp and condensation problems

The Rotter, aka Les Meikle MD of Wise Property Care commented: "damp and mould problems are very typical at this time of the year as a result of excess condensation within our homes. With the bad weather, nobody likes to leave windows open within a property to vent excess moisture. 

However, lifestyle changes are not necessary the whole answer. You would be amazed at how often we come across poor building designs that do not allow for proper ventilation within a property. 

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