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Fireworks can cause serious damage to properties


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Hello folks and welcome to a special Guy Fawkes "Rotter blog".

In the paper today I read a story about the fire service and the police urging people to stay safe on Guy Fawkes Night.

Stephen Ruth of the Scottish Fire service, said: “We recommend that members of the public should attend organised bonfire and fireworks displays and avoid any ‘unofficial’ display where safety rules may be ignored or where dangerous practices may be present.

Chief Inspector Craig Smith of Police Scotland also added: “I want people to enjoy this time of year but would like to remind people of the potential dangers of bonfires and fireworks. I’d encourage people to attend an official organised event as the safest way to be part of the activities."

With that in mind, I have decided to look at the expensive and extensive damage fireworks can cause to properties if they are not handled in a safe manner. Some of the foolish antics I've found are right (fire) crackers. Let’s see what we can learn from these numpties...

An American idiot

On doing some research I found the story of a chap from Florida called Tony Glenn Rogers. Tony thought lighting fireworks inside a marquee was a good idea. However his prank became very expensive; causing around $100,000 worth of property damage when it transpired that the marquee in questions was full of other fireworks which were all set off in a chain reaction. It gets scarier when you find out that there were also other people inside the tent. Miraculously the only injury that resulted from the incident was a sprained-ankle suffered by a terrified onlooker running away. You can see the resulting carnage in the video above.

Feckless footballer

Professional footballers are often chastised for having more money than sense. None more so than Italian striker Mario Balotelli who, whilst at Manchester City, managed to burn down part of his house by setting off fireworks in his bath. Balotelli caused around £400,000 of damage to his mansion, but despite the fire he managed to score twice against rivals Manchester United the very next day. It was this game where Balotelli revealed his famous t-shirt with the cryptic message: 'why always me?'

Burning down the house

So, if you are using fireworks near your property this year, make sure you have a Wise head on your shoulders unlike these two.

Until next time - Awra best,

The Rotter