A Guide to Staying Wise this Christmas

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Hello folks and welcome to the latest "Rotter blog".

Property disasters can sometimes seem just around the corner in winter, from a frozen pipes to central heating breakdowns, which I recently read can affect 20% of us at this time of year.

Having our boiler break down or our properties battered by the elements are the sort of thing that can catch any of us by surprise.

That said, I have read some statistics lately, that suggest people are determined to cause property damage and injury at this time of year in the most bizarre ways imaginable.

Crazy Christmas Accidents

Having done a wee bit of looking online, I have discovered some crazy and highly unusual incidents that people have been getting themselves into over Christmas time.

According to ROSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) around 1,000 people a year are injured when sprucing up their properties for Christmas. Unbelievably, 250 of those people are hurt by Christmas tree lights! You wouldn't think that was possible, but then I read that 31 Brits have been electrocuted since 1996 by watering their Christmas tree while the Christmas lights were plugged in... "needless" to say - this isn't recommended.

It isn't all just lights though, have you ever broken an arm from pulling a Christmas cracker? This incredibly happened to at least four luckless people over the past year.

And here I was thinking the worst thing you could do at home over Christmas was overcook the turkey !!!

Protect your property and yourself at this time of year.

While we can’t do much to help you navigate the problems of decorating your property we do know that it is wet and damp out there just now, so if you do have any problems with condensationrising damp, dry rot or wet rot you can always give Wise a call on 0800 65 22 678

We wish all of our customers a safe and peaceful Christmas. So, make sure you have a Wise head on your shoulders over the festive period.

Until next time - Awra best,
The Rotter

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