Christmas Lights - How early is too early?

The rotter looks at Scotland's most festive properties


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Hi folks, is it too early for a Christmassy blog? I Ho Ho Hope not!

It is only November, but up and down the country Scots have started exhibiting fabulous fairy lights, funky fake snow and timed light shows to create the kind of displays that could be seen from space never mind the end of the street.

Some people complain about it being too early, but personally I love the extents people go to get their homes into the spirit of the season.

That said, it is easy for me to be chipper about the early adopters when my neighbours are not the ones blinding the street with a million blinking lights.

So, can we learn anything from Scotland top festive fanatics? Let’s find out…

Crazy for Christmas

I always assumed the craze for extreme Christmas lights was an American thing with films like “Christmas Vacation” poking fun at the bizarre amounts of lights people cover their houses in. Recently though, it seems the phenomenon has caught on here in Scotland. Just take a look at the evidence below:

It is hard to pick highlights from the gallery above when it includes people like Darrel Piper, from Dumfries, who has so many Christmas lights they actually heat his home (is that safe?!) or John Hurrell, from Port Glasgow, who is so eager to get in the Christmas spirit that he switches his lights on in September!

I think my favourite though has to be Christopher Johnson, from Kilmarnock. This intrepid 14-year-old schoolboy has created a musical festive showpiece by hooking thousands of lights up to his computer to make them flash in time to "Little Drummer Boy".

Of course it is hard to beat the pros. Glasgow and Edinburgh unveiled their spectacular Christmas displays at the weekend.

Getting festive with Wise

I hope the gallery above has helped banish any bah humbug feelings and has got you looking forward to festive season.

As usual Wise Property Care will be spreading Christmas cheer this year with competitions, giveaways and more coming up in the next few weeks. So, if you fancy winning some Christmas goodies, keep your eyes peeled.

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