The Craziest Christmas Properties

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Hello folks, as I am writing the latest Rotter blog our head office is currently being "Christmasified" by our fabulous staff. They have made the office very festive, with a tree, some bulbs and a bit of tinsel. It is looking great.

It did get me thinking about how crazy some people go with decorating their properties at this time of year though.

Well, after a bit of internet procrastination, l found some epic Christmas properties, and even a Guinness World Record to share with you.

Feeling festive? Then read on...

Scottish properties lit up for Christmas

Driving around my local area, in the west coast, I have seen some pretty gallus Christmas displays, but I think the prize for most festive in Scotland has to go to this home in Scone, Perthshire. 

Have you seen a brighter Christmas display than this one?

The USA: big properties, big Christmas

While that property in Perth is fairly festive, a quick trawl around You Tube shows that everything is bigger in America. Whether you think this looks amazing or atrocious, you have to admire the effort.

World record Christmas property

The previous property might lead you to think that the Americans have Christmas decorations all wrapped up (no pun intended), but the world record for most Christmas lights goes to a gentleman in Australia.

David Richards from Canberra used half-a-million lights to achieve his winter wonderland. He said ““I have always loved Christmas. Having the Christmas lights with the community coming in and sharing it is a time when you get to know people you probably should know better.” Believe or not, David is a barrister. I guess property laws are fairly lenient on fairy-lights in Oz?

Signing off...

Have you seen a crazier Christmas property, or would you like to shows us what you are doing with your home this Christmas? Then get in touch on Twitter @The_Rotter or on our Wise Property Care Facebook page.

Until next time,

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