How to Avoid Dangerous decorating

Be Wise this Christmas


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Hello folks and welcome to another festive "Rotter blog". Dig out the tinsel, baubles and wrapping paper, Christmas time is upon us. 

However merry this time of year is, there seems to be an increase in emergency room admissions during November and December which experts suggested is linked with decorating households for the festive period.

Can you believe that the government estimates that more than 13,000 people were treated in emergency rooms for injuries during November and December last year – up almost every year since 2009 if figures within the Daily Mail are to be believed.  

So what exactly is causing some of these Christmas calamities and what can we do to stop our festive decorating causing us pain?  

Overused power sockets

Fairy lights for the Christmas tree, indoor lights to go up the banister, not to mention all the outdoor lighting we like to use – we go electricity mad at Christmas. It seems we tend to like our lights in certain places, so tend to overuse the power sockets that are most convenient.

Easily done, especially when all your lights are in the same location. There are some ways to try and reduce this hazard since this can lead to overheating of the sockets, which could cause sparks to fly and a fire to start, or give you a nasty electric shock. If you plan on lighting-crazy this Christmas, invest in some extension leads to spread your use evenly across all your power sockets.

High hanging decorations

It seems we are 'suckers' for high hanging lights and sparkly things these days. As beautiful and festive as they can be at this time of the year, it seems our high hanging decorations like to 'bite'.

When putting up Christmas lights and decorations, remember to take care when decorating the inside and outside of your house. Hanging decorations often look good in high-up places, such as over the stairs. But take care because it is easy to lose your balance and fall.

Give your Christmas tree a good drink

Most of us love a good festive drink over the holiday period and it seems its a healthy suggestion for our trees too.  

Take on board the advice given from safety and fire experts. If you have a real Christmas tree, ensure it is well watered thus being less susceptible to fire. If you have a plastic one though, take note that it can cause serious issues as well; be it falling on a person or a candle.

But remember that these trees were once supported by a network of roots underground and are not naturally stable without them. So rather than just putting your tree in a plant pot with some water, invest in a proper Christmas tree holder. These are sturdy stands that will stop trees from falling over – something which caused a man to receive $50,000 compensation from the Czech Supreme Court after being crushed by a 101ft Christmas tree in Prague.

According to the Daily Mail, tree fires are blamed for about four deaths each year and $25 million in property damage between 2006 and 2014.

Famous decorating numpties

If you think it is just us regular folks that cause all these Christmas calamities then you would be mistaken. It seems the rich and famous can be complete numpties when it comes to decorating too.

In 2008, British model Kate Moss claimed scratches on her face were sustained when her boyfriend attempted to pass a box of decorations to her and they fell on her head. Can you actually believe this made headlines within some British newspaper?!? All I can say is that it must have been a slow news day that day!

Don't be an ER decorating statistic

All joking aside, I really never thought I would ever be blogging about festive decorating hazards however, now that I have, I hope some of my highlights and tips lead to a slightly problem free and safer Christmas for you.  

Wrap up warm and Awrabest,

The Rotter