Easy DIY jobs over the Festive Period

No excuses now!


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Its the festive holidays.  A time for celebration, good cheer and for some, time to get the DIY hat on. You might have managed to avoid it all year, but with the holiday season now here, you have really no excuse now!  

All I want for Christmas is you...to do some DIY!

For those of you that are in the spirit to work some DIY magic, we have identified some handy, easy and possibly essential DIY jobs that you could be getting on with during the Festive period. 

Within this article, you will find a small list of essential jobs for each room of the house. Hopefully, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy and satisfying some of these tasks are!   

Bathroom DIY jobs

First up let’s take a look in the Bathroom. Fed up looking at those broken tiles or the sound of that runny tap? What about the toilet seat – does it need replacing? Not to worry here is your list of Bathroom DIY Jobs. Simple click the link and get started.

Replacing Broken Tiles
Unblocking the Toilet
leaning the Windows

Kitchen DIY jobs 

Ok, so now let’s move into the Kitchen. Let’s stick some shelves up for extra storage, perhaps a lick of paint to freshen it up, oh and of course that squeaky door needs sorting ASAP!

Putting shelves up
Painting the walls
Squeaky doors

Living room DIY jobs

And now to the living room where already there are signs of split red wine on the carpet.  This will no doubt happen again at some point over the next week so we’ll need a quick fix for this.  Or how about just ripping out the carpet and laying down laminate flooring?  Also, how nice would it be to have a feature wall?  With pre-pasted wallpaper, the hardest part of this task is choosing the wallpaper!

Remove red wine stains from carpets
Laying laminate flooring

Bedroom DIY jobs

And that leaves the bedroom.   Let’s start by putting up a curtain rail, sorting that peeling wallpaper near the door, and getting more heat into the bedroom...by bleeding the radiators. 

Hanging a curtain rail
Peeling Wallpaper
Bleeding the Radiators

Make that vow now and get stuck into these really simple DIY jobs around the house this Christmas – you will not regret it!

Top excuses men use to avoid DIY 

Six out of ten men admit they make excuses to put off DIY jobs, new research has revealed.
Researchers found the majority of modern men will find any number of excuses to avoid having to get their toolbox out.

This DIY skills study of over 1,000 British men also found that one in three feel they aren’t as practical as their own fathers or father-figures.

Top DIY excuses