Property professionals have the craziest Christmas parties


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We all know that office Christmas parties are renowned for indulgent drinking that leads to disreputable behaviour, but I was still shocked to read new research that reveals those of us in the property industry are the worst behaved of the bunch. 

The latest research into employee behaviour at office Christmas parties has shown that employees in the property sector appear to be the most likely to find themselves in trouble at work and at home following their frolics at office Christmas parties.

Is this the truth, or is the good name of the property sector falling victim to a seasonal slur?

Let us look at the figures and find out...

The dangers of Facebook

Not a Wise Christmas Party

The prevalence of social media seems to be a big factor when it comes to getting in trouble. An incredible 20% of property employees admitted to having a row with their significant-other following a ‘tag’ in a questionable picture or status update on Facebook while at their office Christmas party. An additional 10% admitted deleting tags in a picture at the office Christmas party as soon as they saw them the next day.

For those of you reading who think they might get up to no good at their party, there is a “permission to tag” setting on Facebook that will help you avoid any unwanted tagging. Though, to be honest, I would just recommend behaving yourselves.

A kiss under the mistletoe?

A hopeful 25% of property employees are going to use their office Christmas party as an opportunity to tell a colleague they like them... a risky decision when free booze is flowing if you ask me. Anyone thinking this is a good idea might want to consider the 30% that said they will drink less this year so that they do not do something embarrassing.

Thankfully the property industry is not the most amorous at this time of year. 40% of travel sector employees admitted they had flirted with a work colleague and almost 42% admitted they had snogged a co-worker too.

What is the worst that could happen?

Unfortunately, 8% of people in the property industry admitted to being fired after a Christmas party, and a further 10% received a written or verbal warning at work the following day – scary stuff!

When all is said and done though, the office Christmas party should be something to enjoy, and I have to admit that most of ours have gone brilliantly over the years. Maybe we are just a bit “wiser” when it comes to these things?

Nevertheless, I hope everyone reading this enjoys their Christmas do when it comes.

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