Top tips for Selling at Christmas

Some top property tips from The Rotter


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We are well into winter, and as the nights draw in and people start getting ready for Christmas, the last thing on most people’s mind is putting their home up for sale. But is it really a bad time to sell?

I am inclined to say no. Read on to find out my top tips when navigating the winter property market.

Get your property seen this Christmas

Many of us in the property industry convince ourselves that people's Christmas financial commitments or bad weather means their business will be quiet in December. However, even if business does slow down, that does not mean there are not opportunities. For example, here at Wise we are using this time to meet our clients, network and plan for 2017. It is a great time of year for getting our brand out there.

This logic can also be applied to the property market where the internet has been a game changer. With properties available to browse online 24/7, 365 days a year, it would make sense that dark nights on the couch might include perusing property sites for a dream home. Figures from websites like Rightmove and Zoopla confirm this suspicion, with both saying that winter is a busy time for them - in fact the week between Christmas and New Year is actually the busiest time of the year in terms of web traffic for both sites!

When you consider that an incredible 95% of all purchases start online these days, there are definitely a lot of eyes your property could be in front of if you want to sell.

Also, because less people are inclined to put their properties up for sale in the winter, your property will gain more exposure and therefore attention from buyers.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Some Winter Selling Tips

If you do decide to take advantage of the extra online exposure available in the winter here are a few tips when it comes to people viewing your property.

Clear the path

It may seem obvious, but it is vitally important that people can get to your front door without slipping on ice or being ankle deep in snow.

Keep the exterior of your home tidy

A chore, especially in cold weather, but just as you would cut your grass in preparation for summer viewings you might also need to repaint weather-beaten walls or pluck frost-bitten plants and weeds from your path.

Keep your property warm

One the most off-putting things your property could be is cold. If people walk into a warm house from the bitter cold outside it will feel like a warm welcoming hug. Exactly the kind of feeling one would want from a new home.

Show off any exterior lighting

Winter is a great time to show off the little features of a property that don’t really have the same impact in the summer. Lighting in particular can make your home seem a lot more attractive in the darkness of a chilly winters evening.

Be subtle with the Christmas decorations

I know this might be a painful suggestion for many, but people like to picture themselves in a property they are buying… and they might not be the kind of people who picture themselves surrounded by mountains of tinsel and animatronic reindeer. A tastefully decorated tree should be ok though.

Happy selling

All the best of luck if you are deciding to sell this winter, I hope I have been able to make the prospect seem more appealing.

Also, if you are buying or selling a property this winter, remember that Wise Property Care are here in case you recieve any unwanted gifts on the home report including woodworm, damp proofing, dry rot and wet rot.

Until next time,
The Rotter