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The BBC Breakfast team had a 5-minute segment about the health effects of condensation this morning on the back of a recent report from the Mackintosh School of Architecture. Josh Steiner from the Manchester Housing Association recommended a number of tips to stop condensation and they were similar to our top 10 tips to stop condensation.

BBC Breakfast condensation health advice

Dr Rosemary Leonard said that there were a number of health concerns related to condensation including asthma and eczema. She noted that cases of both were on the increase. Throughout the winter, moisture levels in the home are generally far higher than any other time of year and it is in the winter that diagnoses of asthma are at their peak.

This is in part due to people drying clothes inside their home throughout the winter rather than outside. Researcher Rosalie Menon said that a total of 75% of households, which were of a mixed style, had moisture levels that could lead to dust mite or black mould growth.

In addition, a mould spore that is known to cause lung infections in people with weakened immune systems, such as children and the elderly was found to be in 25% of the homes sampled. Ms. Menon recommends that people take steps to reduce the levels of condensation within their homes.

BBC Breakfast condensation tips and advice

Extensive condensation often leads to black mould and the mould spores from black mould can cause health conditions that are particularly prevalent in young children and the elderly. It is important that levels of moisture in the home are kept to a minimum so that these health problems don’t come to light.

BBC Breakfast recommend that if it isn’t possible to dry clothes anywhere other than inside it should be done in a closed room, preferably not a bedroom or living room as people tend to spend a lot of time in these places.

Other condensation advice offered from the BBC Breakfast was to keep the lids on pots and pans whilst cooking and to ensure that the extractor fan is on or windows are open in the bathroom for a period of time after you have finished bathing.

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