Black mould and damp forces family from home

Mould affects health


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A mother of three has claimed that reoccurring black mould and damp has forced her family from their home.

Charlene Woods claims her family has been forced from their home due to the black mould having caused her premature baby to suffer from bronchitis.

Black mould causes family health problems

Miss Woods made the decision to move her family from their home to her mother's house after the black mould, often caused by condensation and damp problems, had caused health problems for her children which forced her youngest child, Marley, to be hospitalised with bronchitis.

Miss Woods comments on the black mould

Miss Woods stated "I cannot stay in the house and risk the health of my kids while the black mould keeps returning". This view was confirmed from a local medical centre health visitor who noted the "presence of black mould is a cause for concern with regard to respiratory illness".

The Rotter comments on black mould health issues

The Rotter, aka Les Meikle of Wise Property Care, commented: "Most people are unaware of the serious health issues that can be caused by black mould within a property. In fact, very recently, the PCA held a debate on toxic mould and the poor health and respiratory problems it can cause.

"Miss Woods story is certainly not an isolated case. We hear of similar stories on a regular basis of black mould being treated and returning several weeks or months later simply because the black mould may have been treated, but the cause of the black mould has not been identified and resolved".

Reoccurring black mould problem

The mother of three claims that the black mould has affected the area around her windows and on the ceiling before and that despite condensation treatment being carried out by the local housing association the black mould continues to return. This reoccurring black mould problem has been classified as "a high priority case" by the local housing association, showing how serious mould problems can be.

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