Black mould causes health problems for children

Kids miss 26 days of school due to mould


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A recent article within the Independent newspaper website has highlighted how black mould is causing health problems for children within Dublin and the UK.

Sinead Martin from Dublin has reported that one of her two children have missed a total of 26 days of school this year due to black mould health problems resulting from causes of damp in homes. The black mould health problems does not only affect her and her children, over 90% of the children living in her complex have missed school due to respiratory problems, stomach upsets or nausea.

Ms Martin has been living in her home for seven years with her partner and two sons and she blames her children’s health problems, which now include asthma and other breathing problems, on the black mould which is growing throughout her flat.

Ms Martin stated that the black mould health problems have caused her eldest child to miss so much school that “it is affecting his social skills. Kids have their groups and when he goes in now he is on the outside. It's heartbreaking.”

“[They also have] stomach bugs, they might stay up all night coughing until they are violently sick," said Ms Martin.”

Les Meikle, damp and black mould expert commented

Les Meikle, aka The Rotter and Chairman of the Property Care Association (PCA) commented: “this is not the first time we have heard about black mould spores affecting the health of individuals within a property. It has become such a polarised issue that the PCA held a debate on toxic mould to help address the issue. It unfortunately seems to be in issue on the rise as our homes become more insulated. It always however, breaks the heart when you hear children are being affected”

Help to prevent black mould becoming a health problem

Black mould health problems will occur when the black mould has been growing for a long period of time in your property. Black mould removal is a process to rid your walls of black mould, however, this is a method to remove black mould rather than stop it in the first place.

Black mould is a telltale sign of condensation. To prevent black mould health problems from occurring you need to prevent condensation. The simple act of opening your windows during the day can be enough to prevent condensation. Ensure that you always turn on the extractor fan when cooking and that clothes are dried in a closed off room.

Contact a black mould expert

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