Black mould forces Iowa governor from home

3 weeks to remove black mould


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The governor of Iowa, Terry Brandstad, has had to move out of the governor’s mansion because excessive black mould was found within the property. The black mould removal process is expected to take around 3 weeks and the governor has found alternative residence for this period.

Radio Iowa recently reported that the governor was feeling unwell and that prompted mould testing in the mansion where it was found on the third floor. Black mould is usually found in places where there is water damage or condensation.

Why is black mould a problem?

Black mould is formed when there is excess moisture in the air and attaches itself to surfaces such as windows and walls in the form of condensation. When enough condensation builds up it forms black mould.

There are health risks associated with black mould growth, especially in children. Black mould is known to trigger asthma attacks, cause allergies and it has also been reported to cause neurological problems when people are in contact with the black mould for a long period of time.

Black mould health problems are likely to affect young children and the elderly more than a healthy adult but even an adult who is exposed to large quantities of black mould can be susceptible to the health problems.

Solving black mould problems

There are a few steps to stopping condensation and black mould. Opening your windows throughout the day will encourage the moist air to escape. A dehumidifier can be used that will extract any water from the air. Other steps include ensuring the extractor fan is on while you are cooking and drying clothes outside rather than inside.

However, the most important thing is to remove the source of the moisture in your home. If you have a leaking gutter or downpipe this could cause black mould. A major source of moisture comes from the bathroom. When you have a shower or bath make sure the door stays closed and the windows are open so the moist air can escape outside.