Health Woes Caused by Condensation

Mould causes ceiling to cave in


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A Greenock man has needed to take time off from his work after condensation mould in his home caused him to require an inhaler for the first time.

There is a dispute between the man and his housing association over the cause of the mould.

The housing management say it is down to the dehumidifier they installed not being appropriately used for sufficient lengths of time to dry out the flat, whereas Mr McCabe says they did not satisfactorily improve the house at all.

This story serves as a warning to the dangers condensation can threaten especially during the winter months.


Bernard McCabe, 58, has taken time off from his job at the Amazon warehouse in Gourock, after being diagnosed with severe chest pain and bronchitis. Mr McCabes health issues appear to be the result of living in a flat with condensation and damp issues. Extreme condensation had covered his flat in black mould and a related damp issue also caused the ceiling to cave in.

Repairs have been carried out by Mr McCabe's Housing Association who also had a dehumidifier installed. However, the mould and dampness returned, after only 2 months.

A dispute now exists where Mr McCabe claims that as his health has deteriorated, because the overall standard of the house has not been improved with regards to damp, and thus he hasn’t been able to return to work, he is demanding a new house before his health gets any worse, maintaining his health was fine before he moved in two-and-a-half years ago.

This just goes to show that dampness, and condensation in particular, are not problems that can simply be painted over or given a quick fix solution.

What causes condensation mould?

Condensation is the moisture which is caused by everyday living, being absorbed into the warm atmosphere of your house and when the house cools down the moisture condenses on cool surfaces. The result is condensation - an often underestimated cause of damage to our homes and health. Condensation is one of the most common forms of dampness within a property.

The causes of moisture in the air are largely down to everyday living, and even breathing releases water vapour into the air, other common causes are washing, cooking, and heating. Since condensation can come from many different sources, most homes can combat the problem by adopting a few lifestyle changes.

That said, for persisitent and unavoidable condensation problems, there are solutions to the problem through condensation treatments

At Wise Property Care we offer a number of condensation solutions. In our Condensation Shop, we have a range of options from our condensation treatment packs, to good quality desiccant dehumidifiers. We also offer the installation of full positive pressure systems to circulate the air within a property stamping out condensation at the source.

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