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A local newspaper has recently reported a diabetic former roofer is threatening his district council with court action after an alleged year of ignored pleading to rid his council home of black mould and damp problems.

Michael Bacon, 51, has been begging his local council to treat the condensation problem in his home after being subjected to black mould and damp for two years.

Condensation claim

Mr Bacon, who says he has spent a lot of money decorating his flat and resealing the mouldy windows, will now be taking the district council to the small claims court to claim back the money he has spent on pointless home property repairs due to the damp problems he has been having.

He said: "I've wasted my time trying to make this house a home. I've got diabetes and nerve damage and being cold in this flat doesn't help my health. It is a fridge in here – it is depressing to come home. After numerous visits from specialist damp surveyors in the past year, who have all suggested that work needs to be carried out, my condensation problem has still not been sorted.”

Mr Bacon says the specialist damp surveyor had reported the flat had mould and condensation, which has got gradually worse due to all the trickle vents in the windows being closed and the kitchen and bathroom ventilation fans being disconnected.

He said the situation was made worse when a workman broke the bathroom fan. "The bathroom is disgusting," he said. "I have to go to my friend's house just to have a shower."

Condensation an underestimated problem

Andy Ferguson of specialist damp proofing company Wise Property Care said "Condensation, resulting in mould problems, is by far the most common damp problem in the UK and an extremely underestimated cause to damage to both a home and a person’s health."

A council spokesman said: "In 2008, a survey of the flats was undertaken by a specialist damp proofing company and, as a result, work was done to the parapet walls. Due to ongoing problems, a further damp survey was carried out (at Mr Bacon's flat) a result, additional works have been recommended.”

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