PCA debate on toxic mould


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The Property Care Association (The PCA) recently held a seminar, at Huntingdon Racecourse, on the issue of toxic mould and other mould related issues that are often caused by damp and condensation issues.

Representatives from the insurance, social housing and heritage industries were invited to listen to a presentation from guest speaker Caoimhin Connell. Mr Connell travelled from the USA to deliver his lecture named "Recognition, Evaluation, Anticipation and Control of Indoor moulds: Communicating the facts" to the invited audience. The idea of the lecture was to challenge the perceived dangers posed by toxic mould and mould related issues.

PCA comment on toxic mould

Stephen Hodgson, general manager of the PCA had this to say about the lecture "There are polarised opinions on the health effects of mould in buildings and Caoimhin's talk brought an interesting perspective to the debate"

"It is an issue that is becoming much more contentious. Increasingly homeowners and tenants are putting pressure to address a mould problem, and are turning to social housing and local authority providers, as well as insurers, to address this and clean-up mould issues"

"The lecture proved to us it is the damp problem which causes the mould, and that must be addressed rather than the mould, which is simply a symptom of the damp conditions."

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