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We have done it again! As innovators to the damp industry, Wise Property Care is proud to announce the launch of our new Wise Condensation Shop.

Complementing our condensation and air ventilation solutions to combat condensation over the long term, we have now selected a Wise Choice of cost effective condensation products to treat condensation and black mould problems over the short term within our Wise Condensation Shop.

Wise Condensation Shop Product Range

From dehumidifiers to digital thermo-hygrometers to condensation mould kits, there is everything you need to help you alleviate a condensation problem.

Our range of dehumidifiers protect homes from humidity, damp and condensation, as well as helping to relieve allergies and aliments such as arthritis; while our revolutionary moisture absorber packs are designed to absorb moisture and prevent dampness in smaller areas such as in wardrobes and storage boxes.

Take a look for yourself. The best part is, choosing the right product is easy with our Wise Choice summary guide to each item.

Visit the Wise Condensation Shop and buy online

Visiting and purchasing in our new wise condensation shop is easy. Simply go to:

  1. Wise Condensation Shop.
  2. Scroll and browse the condensation items available.
  3. Select the condensation product that suits your individual requirements.
  4. Click to pay via PayPal or Debit Card. Alternatively or call 0800 65 22 678 to place an order or for additional advice.
  5. Condensation product arrives 3 working days later.

More information about Condensation

For more information and help about condensation, why not visit some of the following pages:

Alternatively to speak to a condensation expert then visit the contact us webpage or call 0800 65 22 678.