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Condensation problems - [infographic]

Our condensation infographic explains how to indentify condensation in your property and how to go about removing condensation problems. Take a look to see if our helpful hints and tips could help you.

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Condensation infographic

Find out more about condensation

Condensation is the moisture caused by everyday living, and it can cause property problems such as black mould growth. 

There are a number of condensation treatments and solutions available. Interim, DIY solutions such as anti-mould spray and dehumidifiers will get rid of the symptoms, but condensation problems are likely to return when these treatments are no longer used. There are also more permanent condensation solutions available, such as positive pressure ventilation, that will eradicate condensation problems altogether.

If you think that your property has a condensation problem, then our treatment and survey pages will give you a better understanding of how Wise Property Care can help.

Condensation treatment

Condensation treatment can vary from simple DIY changes to the instillation of mechanical ventilation. Does your property need treatment?

Condensation treatment

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At Wise Property Care we are experts when it comes to treating and eliminating condensation and black mould. Find out more about surveys.

Condensation survey

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