Damp problems affect children’s health

Overcrowding causing condensation problems


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A father of six is claiming that a damp problem in his home is affecting his children's health and the safety of his family. Mark McDonnell stated "My sons are suffering with health problems but the local housing authority told us that the damp problems are no longer a health issue." 

Damp problems - penetrating damp or condensation?

Mr McDonnell claims that a water leak from a cracked water pipe is to blame for the damp problems, suggesting that penetrating damp is the source of the damp issue causing the black mould inside of the property and affecting the children's health. He also stated that there was a "5 inch gap" in the damp proof course at the area where the water pipe had broken meaning that damp proofing would be necessary to solve the damp problem.

A local housing authority surveyor looked at the damp and assessed that it was condensation damaging the children's health and not penetrating damp as Mr McDonnell had thought. Mr McDonnell stated that the surveyor said: "It is condensation; you have got too many kids in the house." A spokeswoman for the local housing authority stated "Unfortunately the underlying cause of the condensation is due to the overcrowding and we are doing all we can to prevent further problems occurring."

Damp treatment

Mr McDonnell has stated that the local housing authority claimed to have fixed the damp problem by "fixing half a downpipe and throwing cement on to a leaking drain". Mr McDonnell also had to turn off the electricity in the room that the damp problem is affecting as he feared for his families health and safety.

The local authority spokeswoman added that the McDonnell's did not wish for condensation treatment to be carried out over the Christmas period and that having completed the work, the housing authority considers that the damp issue is due to overcrowding and that if the McDonnell's purchased an air ventilation system it could reduce the risk to their children's health.

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