Damp problems "ruin life"

Local council fails to deal with damp problem


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A 42-year-old woman has claimed that damp problems in her flat are ruining her life due to having an adverse affect on her health.

Vanessa Robinson claims that despite having contacted her local council more than a year ago they have still not fixed the damp problem in her house and have ruined her life.

Damp problems cause health problems

Ms Robinson has stated that the damp problem causes health problems as she suffers from head and chest colds caused by the damp and mould problems and she also worries about the health and wellbeing of her children. The damp problem is known to have originated from a leak from the flat above Ms Robinson’s, which would suggest that penetrating damp is affecting the property. 

The forty-two-year-old claims that despite having her property surveyed more than six months ago, the local council have failed to act and have still not conducted any damp proofing of the property. Ms Robinson commented: “We’re completely sick of it, it has been our family home for 15 years, we have always paid our rent but we are being ignored by the council and I don’t understand why.”

Damp problems fixed

A spokesman for Ms Robinson’s local housing authority has stated that the council has fixed some of the damp problems with regards to her flat and is continuing to work on the remaining issues. New radiators and windows have been promised to Ms Robinson and this, coupled with a proper course of condensation treatment, could reduce the damp problems in Ms Robinson’s flat. The local council has now agreed to ensure that the damp problems are fixed and that the flat is properly equipped with a good air ventilation system and damp proof course to ensure that the damp problems do not return to the property.

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