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I love answering questions. Everything about this industry gives me a buzz. From damp problems to dry rot issues to woodworm infestations; you are guaranteed that I will bore the 'pants off you' at a party!

'Down' with the damp and website lingo

It is with this in mind that I recently started up a wee section within my modest blog area that has been running for the last 4 months now. Being a little unfamiliar with the "voodoo ways" of our website and what they call a CMS, I have been a little shy with responding to direct questions however, the after some 'wiz popping' training and a 'Geronimo' spirit, I am all fired up and ready to bore all my lovely readers with some of my existing party knowledge!

If you are not bored already, I encourage you to read on and smile at my enthusiasm with answering a number of recent damp questions that were submitted to me via the website. Certainly, now that the 'the force is with me', feel free to pose a related industry question. I am just itching to show off my knowledge!

Recent damp questions 

Q: In our ground floor flat we have what looks like a black mould growing on the wallpaper in a corner of our front bedroom where the front wall meets the close wall. Is this likely to be rising damp?

A: The black mould you refer to is more commonly associated with condensation rather than rising dampness and can often be cured by raising the internal temperature of the walls by specialised decorative applications and by removing the moisture from source with extractor fans or the installation of domestic dehumidifiers. Click on the following link for free tip and advice how to prevent condensation.

Q: Our West End flat has a significant basement that could be converted into living or sleeping quarters however, the walls are noticeably damp. What can be done with reference to the damp that wouldn't cost a fortune?

A: There are specialist air-gap technology wall and floor damp proofing membranes that can be applied and either plastered to directly or that can be strapped and plaster boarded left ready for decoration. Even the most unattractive and damp basement areas can be made into perfectly adequate and comfortable accommodation by means of this technology and applied drainage solutions. On our specialist Wise Basement Systems website, there is a Cavity drainage system case study and video that might be of interest that should give you a clearer understanding. 

Q: We are looking at purchasing an older property in the Southside area of Glasgow and noted what looked like a damp stain on the lower section of some of the internal partitions which looked like a continuous wavy line above the skirting boards. Could this be rising damp?

A: What you are describing is the classic visual evidence of true rising damp which can be eradicated successfully using modern rising damp treatments and techniques. This may also involve the removal of the wall plaster up to a height of approximately 1 metre above floor level and specialist re-plastering carried out afterwards. With most PCA qualified damp proofing specialists, these installations are usually the subject of a 20-year guarantee.

Q: We have recently moved into a first floor flat and the bedroom is showing damp patches on part of the wall above where the old fireplace would have been. Is this likely to be rising dampness?

A: The cause of your damp patches is more likely to be water ingress (penetrating damp) from an uncapped chimney head finding its way down the disused chimney flue and gathering at a bend in the flue at the point where you are experiencing the damp patch or, alternatively, it could be condensation within an unvented flue again gathering at the point at which you are experiencing the damp patch. I have included a link with more information on identifying damp on walls to help you.

Up up and away from me as The Rotter!

You can also find a wealth of information on our website regarding damp.  Simply visit our damp proofing section.

Well, all it leaves me to say is "up up and away" from me and I look forward to writing my next "fan dabi dozi" blog post.

Best regards,

The Rotter!

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