Flash floods in Scotland cause damp problems

Inadequate damp proofing leads to property problems


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The sublime summer weather seems to have sprung a leak. Torrential downpours and stormy weather have affected much of the country in the last seven days, with flash floods causing traffic disruption and a large number of property problems in populated areas.

Annan, in Dumfries and Galloway, is the most recent victim of flash floods. Police in the area have been dealing with a high volume of calls, and traffic is being asked to avoid large areas of the town.

Extreme wet weather like flooding will expose any properties with inadequate damp proofing to a whole host damp problems.

So, what is causing all these summer downpours? And what can be done?

Low pressure causing flash floods in Scotland?

Despite the warm weather, low-pressure weather systems are the cause of the rain. BBC weather forecaster Chris Fawkes has said people should prepare for “unsettled weather patterns” and that “the low pressure just to the west of the British Isles could hang around for a couple of weeks.”

Estimates from The Met Office suggest that 20mm of rain fell on parts of Scotland last Thursday and that further downpours are to come.

Downpours causing damp problems in properties

Damp problems such as penetrating damp, rising damp and basement flooding are more likely to be noticed during flash floods.

Symptoms such as discoloured stonework, peeling wallpaper, damp patches on the wall or a cementitious layer of basement tanking beginning to crack, are likely signs that excess, external water is causing damp issues in a property.

If a property has damp problems then a professional survey should be organised. After a survey, required treatment can be recommended and actioned.

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