Flooded basement causes concern

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A Prestwick couple have stated that their flooded basement is causing concern for their home life after being swamped by water due to record amounts of rainfall. With neighbours suffering the same problem, they believe their land could be on borrowed time.

Causes of flooded basement

Mr and Mrs Lee claim that in early December water began to flood their basement from under the ground causing them concern for their basement and the possessions it housed.

Initially it was thought that the bad weather caused the basement to flood by damaging the drainage systems in their area of the town. However, the drainage systems were checked over by Scottish Water who have assured the couple that the region's water infrastructure is safe and well and that their flooded basement is a personal property issue possibly caused by heavy rainfall and a lack of basement waterproofing.

Clearing a flooded basement

Mr Lee commented: "It is a part of the house we use regularly and we do not know the full extent of the damage until the place has been dried out". His attempts at clearing the flooded basement have so far been unsuccessful.

Hugh Hunter, a local Prestwick councillor, commented: "the flooding of the basements of the households involved is clearly a very distressing situation and an intolerable one as they are being forced to constantly pump the water out every few hours."

Expert opinion on the flooded basements

Les Meikle, MD of Wise Basement Systems and its parent company Wise Property Care said "With the recent bad weather, many properties will be suffering from flood damage. However, with properties with rooms below ground level, i.e. basements, the potential for damage through rising ground water levels and the build up of hydrostatic pressure pushing water through cracks and joints makes them even more prone to flooding.

"It is exactly why we have a specialist basement waterproofing team with specialist products to help manage the water entering a basement or cellar. Certainly, if we can be of any assistance to Mr and Mrs Lee of or any of their neighbours accessing and managing the water entering their basements, we would be glad to help."

Help towards flooded basements and basement waterproofing

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