Lloyds TSB issue damp warning

Bank issues warning to home owners


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A new report released by Lloyds TSB is issuing home-owners a warning that damp problems and dry rot problems over the next few years could cost them a small fortune.

Damp affects Victorian properties

According to the Lloyds TSB warning, owners of Victorian era homes are more at risk of suffering damp and dry rot problems. The report states that Victorian homes are five times more likely to suffer damp problems compared to modern homes.

Lloyds TSB are also warning that with upkeep costs of Victorian homes costing £3800 a year, any damp proofing or rising damp treatment could put a strain on home owners already tight finances.

Victorian properties hit by dry rot

The Lloyds TSB report has stated that Victorian homes are three times more likely to suffer from dry rot problems than modern houses.

With home-owners already feeling the pinch of the credit crunch and then having to pay out for dry rot treatment it seems like an expense that could be avoided.

Lloyds TSB are advising that home owners should have a property survey carried out to reduce the risks of a financial hit in the future.

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