Pub devestated by water damage

Wise tips to avoid flooding


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An Ayrshire pub has been devastated by water damage for the second time in a month. The Craigmark Inn, near Dalmellington had been closed since the 5th of January and was days away from reopening when a flood devastated the pub.

Cellar flooded

The popular pub which has won many Scottish food and drink awards over the last few years has been devastated by the incident which has flooded the cellar along with the dining room and kitchen area of the pub. Adding to the devastation of the rooms is the fact that the stock was stored in the kitchen and cellar area. George Robertson, the owner had this to say “We’ve never been flooded before and for it to happen twice in such short a time is unbelievable”. Mr Robertson is considering installing a sump pump to help remove the water from the cellar area while installing a drainage system to ensure that any future problems can be solved.

How to avoid future flooding?

The Craigmark Inn has been severely unfortunate to suffer two floods within the space of a month period and should be congratulated on their resolve in trying to reopen their pub. There are steps that can be taken to limit the damage that heavy rainfall or blocked drains can cause. Having a professional company perform basement wall waterproofing and basement floor waterproofing can mean that water will not be able to enter your basement from below or the side. As with all work concerning ensuring your home is protected you should seek professional advice and help on the best way forward.

Help towards flooded basements and basement waterproofing

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