Tips for checking roof problems

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With a roof, don’t wait until it really starts to rain and gets cold before tackling any roof problems.

As any roofer will tell you, it is the best job in the summer and the worst job in the winter, so don’t put off any roof problems – get them sorted now.

Use the following tips for checking roof problems

There are many small signs to help you spot emerging roof problems that can help you with the preservation and repair of your roof and your home. Check out the following tips to help you save you time and money with potential roof problems:

Check for leaking guttering

The next time we have heavy rainfall look for drips between the joints in the guttering. If it is plastic guttering, it might be something as simple as a clip coming loose. With cast-iron guttering, a simple squirt of bitumen mastic over a joint between two sections may be all that is required – but this has to be carried out on a dry day.

Look out for a dripping gutter

A dripping gutter can do a lot of damage. Over a few months, it can expose the aggregate with the paving and cause algae, moss and lichen to form.

Look at your roof from the ground

Stand back and have a good look at your roof from the ground. Check there is no vegetation growing from ridge tiles. Scan the roof, looking at lead flashings and check that all the roof tiles or slates are in place and in line.

Check the eaves

Also look at the eaves as they may be in need of a coat of paint. Make sure the guttering is free flowing and watch out for blockages to the drainage.

Check for loose Downpipes

Another common external problem is loose downpipes. If a bracket has come loose from the wall, pop in a fresh rawlplug and secure it to the wall as the damage that water spurting out of a leaking downpipe can do is severe. Not only does it cause dampness to the fabric of the building, it is extremely unsightly, and causes lichen and algae to form.

Who can help you with your roof problems?

If you are not sure whether or not you’re seeing the signs of roof problems, but suspect there may be something there, then get an expert to check for you. Getting your roof checked by an expert is not free, but it is certainly far less expensive than missing a problem before it becomes an even bigger one.

Never walk on your roof to check for roof problems until you have first examined it from underneath. This is important, especially following heavy rains and terrible weather: the structure of your roof may not be able to support your weight and you risk injury.

If you spot any damp problems, get a specialist in to help. If in Scotland, then contact Wise Property Care on 0800 65 22 678 or send us an email.