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The Rotter reveals steps to prevent flooding


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In this update The Rotter looks at the effect that water damage can have on your home or property. For help and advice on waterproofing then read the newest blog article from The Rotter.

Flooding and damage

Even the most substantial and well maintained properties can suffer from the horrors of sudden flooding either from burst water tanks or pipes, or from flood water and even from fire control measures.

While the good news is that such property problems and damage can be completely repaired and the property brought back to its former condition; the bad news is the property repair process can be both harrowing and distressing as an owners' pride and joy is taken apart and put back together again.

From a practical point of view, the first essential step in the property repair process is to identify the source of the moisture and remove any standing water. This can be done very simply and quickly using modern pumping techniques. Water damaged ceiling and wall plaster will more than likely have to be removed to allow the masonry behind to dry out together with any affected plasterboard on stud partitions, skirting's, floorboards, etc.

Electric outlets in the affected area should be isolated and checked by an electrician and tested thoroughly prior to reoccupation.

Fixing flood damage

If removing the obvious signs of water is simple, the process of drying out the property to previous levels is more complicated. It is important not to dry out the property too quickly, because this can cause more damage than it prevents. The key to the property repair process is to ensure that the built in exposed timbers give up their moisture in a controlled manner thus preventing any wet rot treatment.

During the drying process, the moisture content of the wall and floor fabrics should be accurately measured and the wall fabric should be regularly monitored to ensure that drying is progressing as desired. Even quite recently, this process could take several months, but modern drying techniques can reduce these drying out periods to a matter of weeks.

On achieving moisture contents similar to before the water ingress the property can be re-floored, plaster boarded, plastered, etc ready for final decoration.

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