Fit an airbrick to combat wet and dry rot

"A couple hundred pounds solution"


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Airbricks allow ventilation of the space below the ground floor of the house. The constant air flow through these vents can help prevent dry rot and wet rot from forming and rotting the floor joists.

The importance of airbricks tends to be overlooked and they are often allowed to get blocked by years of sediment build-up and garden foliage.

Occasionally our surveyors see renovations where the ground level has been raised, usually due to a new drive or paving area being installed, completely blocking the airbricks.

Blocked airbricks can result in timbers becoming exposed to decay – especially in older houses where timber preservatives were not commonly used during construction.

The cost to fit an airbrick

Air Brick

It is not expensive or difficult to replace an airbrick but it is essential job. If an airbrick becomes blocked or broken it should be fixed immediately.

An airbrick only costs a couple of pounds plus labour to replace and compared to the cost of dry rot treatment or wet rot treatment it would be madness not to fix this potential time bomb.