Dry rot is a major drama... Just ask Hollyoaks

Tony has some dry rot to deal with


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Hello folks, and Happy New Year! Welcome to the first Rotter blog of 2014!

Now, I’m not normally one for the soap operas (honest), but I did notice that last night on Hollyoaks there was a subplot close to my heart, as regular character Tony had a major problem with dry rot.

I was also surprised that some of the Hollyoaks characters seemed to be dry rot experts all of a sudden.

Could the fictional residents of Chester end up giving property professionals like ourselves a run for our money? Probably not, read on to find out why...

Hollyoaks v Dry Rot

Hollyoaks: Dry rot misery for Tony and Ste

In the dry rot subplot, Tony is hoping to open a new restaurant, but when he discovers dry rot in the property, Tony reckons his dreams could be in tatters due to potentially expensive dry rot treatment.

Dry rot is one of the most damaging conditions a property can suffer from, and severe attacks can damage timber to such an extent that properties can become structurally unsound. That said, costs of repair can be reduced by getting qualified professionals in to nip dry rot in the bud before it causes too much damage.

Sadly for Tony, it looks like he is going to take some bad advice...

Tony making an Un-Wise choice

Dry rot: Do not worry Tony, it can be fixed

To help Tony avoid costly repairs, his friend "Ste" approaches Hollyoaks villain Fraser, who reveals that he knows some cheap builders who can take on the dry rot treatment job. Without wanting to spoil any plotlines for all you soap addicts out there, I can tell you now this will only have one outcome, and it wont be good for Tony.

Dry rot is a serious problem, and as such, needs professional attention. By dabbling with cowboy builders, I can only predict more misery for hapless Tony and his business ventures.

Make the Wise choice

At Wise Property Care, we pride ourselves on our surveyors qualifications and experience. So, if you find yourself in a position like Tony, and you need some property preservation experts in the future, then get wise and contact the professionals.


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