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Dry rot at the woolpack

I have to admit I’ve never been a huge fan of Emmerdale landlady Charity Dingle. That being said, one thing I never would have wished on the famous landlady or even my worst enemy for that matter is having to deal with a case of dry rot in a property. Unfortunately, that appears to be the case and the Dingle family are set to deal with yet another drama as the destructive dry rot makes itself at home in ‘The Woolie.

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Following a water leak in the cellar leading to a power cut, Charity was forced to call an electrician who informed her that the cellar appeared to have a case of dry rot. Not only would the pub have to be closed but she and pregnant cousin Chas would be forced to move out of the public house during the dry rot treatment process.

Faith Dingle referred to local resident Bear who was blamed for the water leak as a "hero" as this error led to the dry rot being discovered in the first place. Maybe Faith should give us a copy of her CV as she is clearly aware of the dangers of dry rot and its tendency to grow in places people don’t tend to look, such as under floorboards and lofts. Dry rot is a serious timber condition and in extreme cases can lead to a property becoming structurally unsound so it was certainly a wise choice for the Dingle clan to move out of the rot ridden pub.


Following the prognosis, Charity in despair stated the dry rot treatment is “gonna cost an arm and a leg”. Dry rot treatment costs can be significantly reduced by getting qualified dry rot specialists to treat the affected timber before extensive damage can be caused. Dry rot aggressively spreads from one piece of timber to the next so it’s important to contact a dry rot specialist as soon as you notice any signs of dry rot in order to avoid being stuck with an expensive treatment plan like Chas and Charity.


Dry rot spores are present in most properties but will remain harmless until coming in contact with timber and moisture. With the Woolpack cellar being a damp environment and used to store multiples barrels of beer and other alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, it’s not a surprise the cellar became vulnerable to dry rot.

When meeting timber and moisture, the dry rot spores create white strands known as hyphae which will feed on the timber and remove its strength. When the hyphae runs out of timber to feed on, it transforms into a large cotton wool mass known as mycelium. Mycelium can spread a considerable distance in search of new timber, which is exactly why the Dingle’s had to leave “Yorkshire’s favourite pub” with mycelium eventually making a building structurally unsound.

Changes in the atmosphere threaten dry rot’s survival and the rot is forced to produce a mushroom fruiting body, pumping spores into the atmosphere in search of new timber, causing the dry rot life cycle to start all over again

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The Dingle’s aren’t the only ones hard done by from this dry rot outbreak. Emmerdale residents have lost their beloved local and are now forced to pick between Charity’s make-shift outdoor pub and Brenda’s tiny cafe. If you suspect dry rot in your property then don’t hesitate to contact Wise Property Care on 0808 252 3646, fill out our short contact form  or click on the button below  and one of our dry rot specialists will be in touch to consult on your potential dry rot outbreak.

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