Haunted House: Who Ya Gonna Call?

In his latest blog The Rotter looks at haunted houses

Hi folks, and happy Halloween!

At this time of year, the only concern most people have with ghosts and ghoulies on their property are the kids "trick or treating" on their doorstep. However, a recent study by a group of insurance brokers has shown that an astonishing 50% of Brits believe they might have experienced supernatural goings-on in their home!

Could a sleekit spirit slash the value of your property? Is there a treatment for things that go bump in the night? For answers to all this and more, read on if you dare…


Is your house haunted?

According to the research, by specialist insurance broker Towergate, a large number of people claim to have experienced ‘weird’ happenings in their properties.

A quarter have heard “strange” or “unexplained” noises and 18% claim to have felt a sudden and icy chill. Sounds like property problems caused by damp, rot and woodworm to me (or maybe I just have work on the brain).

What is more surprising are the 17% that claim to have seen spectral figures, now that one I can’t explain!

Would ghosts stop you buying a house?

Apparently 12% of people would not put in an offer on a property if it had a spooky atmosphere and a further 14% said they would not buy a property if their pets were spooked by it. Mind you, I am not sure how much faith I would put in animals, I have known dogs that get spooked by the postman.

Homes with a nearby graveyard, undertakers or morgue would put off 75% of purchases too. Well, you know what they say: Location, Location, Location!

Perhaps the scariest stat for anyone wanting to sell a property, a third of prospective buyers would look to negotiate a fifth (20%) off the asking price if they knew a property was “haunted”. That said, I am almost certain you don’t need to list paranormal activity on the home report, so I would be tempted to keep quiet about spooks and spectres when selling.

So… Who ya gonna call?

While 13% of people said they would move out immediately and put their house up for sale if they thought their house was haunted, I am more interested in the 9% that said they would contact a paranormal investigator and 6% who would consult an exorcist. Maybe I could expand the company and create a new set of treatments here at Wise… Wise Poltergeist Care perhaps?

Hmmm… Maybe not.

Until next time,


The Rotter