Scary Stats and Spooky Scotland

Should the Wise guys start taking on Scotland's ghouls and ghosts?


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A new poll has found that one in seven people in the UK believe that their house is haunted.

The study, undertaken by a well-known mortgage and loans broker, found that a significant amount of homeowners across the UK are sure that spooky shenanigans are blighting their homes.

Of these, 47% said they have sensed a “presence” in their property and 29% claimed they have experienced “strange chills”. However, only 16% believe they had really seen a ghost.

So, is this a load of paranormal piffle or is the truth out there? Let’s take a look at some spooky stories around Scotland to find out.

Cathedral House Hotel: Glasgow’s most haunted hotel

Cathedral House Hotel

Many consider Cathedral House Hotel in Glasgow to be one of Scotland’s most haunted buildings. There have been a number of spooky sightings and “paranormal activity” witnessed there, and most experts assume this is to do with the hotel’s historical association with Glasgow’s infamous Duke Street Prison.

Despite being a well regarded hotel and restaurant these days, Cathedral House Hotel once acted as a halfway house for Duke Street’s prisoners and many believe the spirits of the prison’s nefarious residents still stalk the hotel! In fact, on this November 4th, “Glasgow Paranormal Investigations”, are holding a special ghost hunt at the hotel. Anyone brave enough to take part will enjoy a meal before taking part in a vigil inside the hotel, which will run until 3am.

Will this crack team of paranormal investigators prove the existence of ghosts and ghouls at the Cathedral House Hotel? Probably not, but we hear the restaurant is lovely.

Edinburgh Castle: How spooky is Auld Reekie’s famous landmark?

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh is thought to be one of the most haunted cities on the planet and there are plenty of stories regarding its most famous bit of property – Edinburgh castle. From the ghost of a lost piper to vengeful victims of witch trails and even a headless drummer boy who foreshadows danger, the castle has its fair share of terrible tales.

Scientist Dr Richard Wiseman even conducted an experiment with 240 volunteers over a 10 day period in the castle to see how haunted it really is…. and the results were interesting. Many of the volunteers reported things like seeing moving shadows or feeling like they were being watched by an invisible presence, however Dr Wiseman explains that these are common emotional responses to being left in an unusual and discomforting location.

However, one thing that could not be explained was the fact that most people reported paranormal experiences in rooms that had reputations for being haunted, despite none of the volunteers having any prior knowledge of the castle’s ghost stories.


Should Wise get Ghostbusting?

With all this paranormal activity being reported should Wise Property Care add "Ghostbusting" to our list of services? If we can bust dry rot, rising damp and woodworm among other property problems, surely we could tackle a few phantoms.

On second thoughts… maybe strange chills could just be solved by putting the heating on.

Happy Halloween!