The Triffids vs Japanese Knotweed

Find out who won the 'square go'


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There has been a lot of press coverage surrounding Japanese knotweed lately and I have noticed that a number of journalists have made comparisons between Japanese knotweed and the Triffids; the killer plants from the sci-fi novel and BBC series, “The Day of the Triffids”.

Is the comparison valid though?

A Triffid?

Triffids: Scarier than Knotweed?

For those of you not aware of the Tiffids, they were tall killer plants that managed to take over the world due to their exponential growth and killer sting. 

It goes without saying that knotweed is not as violent as a Triffid, but the comparisons are not all that crazy. Knotweed grows quickly and if it is not stopped it can provide a nasty sting to the value of your property. 

With this in mind, I thought it would be a laugh to pit the Triffids and the Japanese knotweed against each other in a three-round-face-off to find out which is the most terrifying.

Read on if you dare...

Round 1: Growth

If I remember the TV show correctly, most of the Triffids can only grow to the size of a man and in this respect Knotweed has the Triffids well and truly thumped! Japanese knotweed can grow up to 3 metres a season, high enough to tower over any person I know.

Score: Triffids 0 – 1 Knotweed

Round 2: Danger

Triffids have a stinging barb that kills their pray with venom. Knotweed might not be so deadly in a physical sense but we know that it can hit the wallet hard; one family in Stockport had the value of their home slashed by £20,000 thanks to Japanese knotweed. Overall though, I would be happier having a "square-go" with some knotweed than a plant that could eat me, so the Triffids win this one.

Score Triffids 1 – 1 Knotweed

Round 3: Manageability

So, we have established that the Triffids are very dangerous, but in the novel they are controlled, cultivated and harvested by people who remove their stingers and prune them. The Triffids don’t take control of planet earth until an epidemic of blindness affects most of the human race. Knotweed on the other hand is exceptionally difficult to manage and no amount of trimming or pruning will stop it. Even the smallest fragments of Knotweed left in the soil can result in another invasion. Triffids might be deadly but in the manageability stakes Knotweed knocks them dead.

Score: Triffids 1 – 2 Knotweed

The Results are in...

So, in our best of three, Japanese knotweed has left the Triffids kissing the canvas with a knock-out punch. That said, I would not want to bump into either of these two in a dark alley.

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