Beware of rogue traders

Tips to avoid the cowboys


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A recent report within ‘Tradesadvisor' and research from the ‘Office of Fair Trading' has advised that the menace of rogue traders has become such a fixture in our lives there is now an annual day dedicated to warning people about it and how to avoid their scams.

Office of Fair Trading regarding rogue traders

The Office of Fair Trading research shows that over the years, nearly three million people have fallen victim to rogue traders and while people of all ages have been victims losing an average of £600 each, the oldest were the hardest hit with those over 55 losing almost £1100 on average.

hOW to avoid the damp, rot and woodworm ROGUE TRADERS

  1. The first piece of advice Consumer Direct offers people considering home maintenance is to ask friends and neighbours for recommendations and review testimonials.
  2. Look for traders who belong to trade associations approved by the Government endorsed Trustmark scheme such as the Property Care Association within the damp, rot and woodworm industry.
  3. Go for local firms with established premises and reputations - be wary if the only point of contact is a mobile phone number. Look for a contact us web page with local branches within your area.
  4. Do not be afraid to ask for references and check them out.
  5. Ask about property repair guarantees, appropriate insurance and their experience and qualifications.
  6. Be clear about exactly what you want doing and what you expect. To give you a better idea of what you should expect from a damp, rot or woodworm company, review our property repair process.
  7. Ask the damp, rot and woodworm company if the survey and work will be in accordance with
  1. the British Standard Code of Practice. It gives guidance on proper diagnosis and treatment of damp, rot and woodworm problems.
  2. Do not be too impatient. A good damp, rot and woodworm company is usually busy.
  3. Do not pay for all the works up front - even in an emergency. A deposit is acceptable and is generally around 25-35% of the total bill
  4. Ensure you get a detailed damp, rot or woodworm quote for the work.
  5. Keep a record of the damp, rot or woodworm work done and payments made.
  6. Avoid paying cash and always get a receipt.
  7. And lastly, do not be afraid to ask questions. Reputable damp, rot and woodworm companies will usually be happy to talk a job through.

Wise Property Care - a PCA member and approved contractor is a fully qualified Property Care Association (PCA) member and an approved contractor under many different memberships including construction line, Trustmark, Safe contractor, GPI, ISO9001 and ISO140001. To find out more about Wise Property Care, then visit the about Wise Property Care web page or contact us using the online contact form.