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The steps Wise are taking to safely work in your home


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Despite the unique Coronavirus lockdown in Scotland, Wise Property Care have remained open to provide the high quality preservation services that are expected from us. While we have been open, Wise Property Care have been following Scottish Government guidelines and taking every step necessary to allow us to carry out work in people’s homes in safety, offering peace of mind to our customers and employees.

You can get in touch today to find out how Wise Property Care can treat damp, woodworm, rot and structural waterproofing problems in your home with safety as our primary concern. You can also continue reading this page to learn more about the specific steps we have been taking.

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Precautionary Steps – The Wise Approach

To ensure our colleagues and customers are safe we will ensure our team follow the steps bellow:

  • The review and approval of Internal Risk Assessments and Method Statements will take place to make sure that any vulnerable persons are carefully assessed and the proper controls and procedures are in place.
  • Internal processes are in place to make sure our team do not leave home or attend work if they are have symptoms or have to self-isolate.
  • The branch office, surveyor or technician is to contact the customer by telephone on the appointment day to ascertain whether there is active risk of Coronavirus or if any occupant is self-isolating.
  • Our team will travel to properties on their own. No lift sharing is permitted. This is to enforce the two metre social distancing.
  • Before entering a customer’s home, our team are to ask the occupant if they or other occupants are self-isolating, or have Coronavirus making sure that two metre social distancing measures are in place.

Social Distancing and Hygiene

Listed below are some of the steps Wise Property Care have put in place to ensure appropriate social distancing and hygiene is observed when working in people’s homes.

With regards to hygiene our surveyors and technicians have been instructed to:

  • Avoid touching their mouth, nose, eyes and face.
  • Put on disposable gloves before touching any gates, handles etc…
  • Avoid physical contact with the client e.g. shaking hands.
  • Wash or sanitise hands every time gloves are taken off.

With regards to social distancing measures our surveyors and technicians have been instructed to:

  • Travel to and from work in separate vehicles.
  • Observe two metre social distancing whilst working in properties. If for whatever reason this is not doable then appropriate PPE will be worn in accordance with government guidelines.
  • Follow a strict cleaning process for work equipment such as scissor lifts, MEWPs and other mechanical equipment.
  • Clearly display any relevant signage that is applicable to the work being carried out. 
  • Make sure that any work areas are cordoned off to support social distancing measures where appropriate.
  • Follow training and awareness provided by the company on how to wash and clean their hands appropriately.
  • Use the hand sanitiser that has been supplied by the company.
  • Use the nitrile gloves and supporting information supplied by the company to avoid any cross contamination.
  • Only arrange essential property visits.

Training and Keeping our Staff Up to Date

Wise Property Care have instructed our team to follow the guidelines above but we are also making sure our staff are up to date with the latest Coronavirus information and are continually trained to operate safely.

As a result, all employees and colleagues will be expected to comply with the following:

  • Read regularly forwarded Coronavirus Operational Guidance Updates.
  • Completion our Hand Hygiene eLearning video.
  • Complete the Coronavirus-specific learning programme via our IOSH Approved IHASCO training platform.
  • Utilise technology provided by the company to enhance our surveyors and management team understanding around Coronavirus Risk Assessment and Method Statements.

Respiratory Protective Equipment

Wise Property Care have made sure that all of our colleagues have received quantitative and qualitative face fit testing for Respiratory Protective Equipment to ensure that any equipment we provide is suitable and adequately fitted for the individual by our external qualified provider.

To support this requirement, we have a strong face fitting RPE and clean shaven policy to ensure that we maintain a high level of compliance and also satisfy our legal duties as an employer.

Working in conjunction with Rentokil Initial, Wise Property Care have access to the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE).