Council to demolish listed building

Rot brings down listed building


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A local authority is accused of going too far demolishing a listed property due to what seems to be a dry rot issue.

Aberdeenshire Council claims the privately owned listed property at 22/24 Low Street, Banff, Aberdeenshire, is dangerous and beyond treatment and must come down as soon as possible.

Town members disagree

However Banff Preservation and Heritage Society chairman, Julian Watson, said the proposed demolition of the listed property was "quite ridiculous" stating: "the listed property is in poor condition with spreading dry rot, but demolition was unnecessary".

Mr Watson, a former structural surveyor, also agrees stating: "There is serious dry rot which has taken out some window lintels and floor joists, but these could be propped". With the road closed that runs past the listed building for three weeks, Mr Watson also commented: "there are no external cracks and the building is not going to fall down. To close the road is just going too far".

Family being forced to move due to listed dry rot property

Painter and decorator, Billy Macintosh, 50, his wife Maria, 38, and their three children live behind the listed dry rot property at Banff's Low Street, which is due to be taken down at once on safety grounds. Part of their home is part of the threatened building but they say they will defy an Aberdeenshire Council order to move out.

Mr Macintosh said: "We have been told to vacate when the demolition starts, but have nowhere to go. We have a bedroom, bathroom, living room and staircase which were part of the original building. The council says our home will be left wind and watertight after the demolition but we have to make a stand and stay."

Historic Scotland advises about listed dry rot property

Historic Scotland has become involved in controversial plans to demolish a listed property and a structural engineer has been requested to come and look at the property. A spokeswoman for Historic Scotland said: "The issue about this building has been highlighted to us and we are talking to Aberdeenshire Council planners."

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