Direct line report advises home owners concern with weather

Condensation problems during Winter months


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A report published by Direct Line, the insurance company, has shown that more than a third of Scots are concerned about the possible damage that the incoming severe weather could cause. The report also shows that last year more than three million people suffered from damage to their homes due to the severe weather that the country suffered from. With heavy snowfall expected, this can make an entire home more susceptible to leaks which can cause damp problems such as penetrating damp. If snow is left on a roof then it can become extremely heavy and in a worst case scenario cause the roof to cave in which could result in requiring structural repairs for the property.

Weather related property problems

The report went on to suggest that during the winter it is important to allow air to circulate properly around a property. By shutting all windows it may result in a home being warmer in the short run but can causes condensation problems. If the air is not able to circulate properly then you may require condensation treatment as black mould may begin to grow within the property and this can potentially cause health issues.  Ground floor properties should be checked for rising damp, visible by a “tide mark” on the wall as damp proofing may have to be carried out to ensure the property is no longer at risk.