Hi-tech advances in the property industry

Gadgets and gizmos that will change the property industry


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Hi folks,

Welcome to latest Rotter blog. For this blog I want to take a look at all the exciting gadgets and gizmos that are set to revolutionise the property industry.

We will look at augmented reality for realtors, apps that control central heating and a certain piece of property care tech that we think represents the future of property surveys.

Come on, lets get tech-wise!

Google Glass property tours

It came to my attention recently that VistaBee, an Edinburgh based media company is using the first set of Google Glasses in Scotland to help estate agents sell properties to distant buyers.

The man behind VistaBee, Steve Reilly, reckons these high-tech glasses will be a “game changer” and I have to agree. If prospective buyers have the ability to receive enhanced video tours of properties then it can only make viewing properties more convenient in the future.

Property control apps

Apps that allow home owners to control their property from their smart phone or tablet device are quickly becoming commonplace, and again I think this is a great thing.

For example, apps like Hive that give people the ability to control the temperature of their home from a distance will allow people to care for their property like never before. Having such precise control of how and when your home is heated will help maintain constant temperatures in a property, meaning property problems such as condensation or frozen pipes in the winter will be much easier to avoid.

The future of property surveys

At Wise Property Care we have always taken great pride in our innovative approaches to property care and we too are introducing new tech in 2014. We believe our new property survey tool is going to revolutionise the industry, but don’t just take my word for it – have a look for yourself:

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