Householders face big repair bills

Poor maintenance costing home owners


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Recent research from Churchill insurance has reported householders face big repair bills as they are not maintaining their homes.

The results show that 49% of householders do not attend to basic property problems such as clearing or cleaning their gutters and downpipes, which if left, could cause extensive damp issues to bricks and rot windows, leading to an increase of damp proofing and wet rot treatments.

Big repair bills for 68% of householders

Worryingly, 68% of households that already have damp do not dry out affected areas or use a dehumidifier. As well as damaging the property, the damp areas encourage mould and can increase the risk of illness. The Churchill insurance report also stated:

  • 62% of homeowners with a tile or slate roof do not look at the roof closely for loose tiles/ slates
  • 49% of homeowners with their own roof do not maintain or clean their gutters and downpipes
  • 42% of homeowners with central heating do not get their boiler serviced
  • 38% of homeowners with central heating do not bleed their radiators
  • 19% of homeowners with smoke alarms do not check them on a regular basis

Churchill comments on big repair bills

Martin Scott, head of Churchill home insurance, said: "Do a top-to-toe inspection from the floor to the roof space. Look for signs of leaks in your attic, making sure that timbers are free from damp and woodworm. Check that pipes and tanks are fully lagged. From a cost and environmental point of view, it's good to have at least four inches of loft insulation."

Martin Scott concluded, "Keeping your home in a good state of repair is essential, as home insurance does not cover general wear and tear."

The Rotter speaks on householders facing big repair bills

Les Meikle, aka The Rotter, commented: "This report is by no means a surprise. In our business, we are constantly offering advice towards property problems and solutions however, more often than not, it is never taken up leading to damp and timber issues.

Hopefully, this report can help create more awareness to general property problems and help householders reduce big repair bills in the future".

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