Property care tips for severe weather

Prevention is better than cure


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This week the Met Office is warning that Scotland should brace itself for severe weather. Weather reports suggest that temperatures could drop as low as minus 15C and that heavy snowfall could also contribute to the severe weather.

Help prevent burst or frozen pipes

With the big freeze expected across the country this weekend it is important that you take steps to ensure not to damage your property via burst water pipes or frozen water pipes.

  • Having your central heating regularly checked and serviced can reduce the chance of leaks or damp problems.
  • Running your taps can mean that you are aware if there is any blockages as the water may have frozen up inside the pipes.
  • If you are away from home for a long period of time then leave your central heating on “tick over” to prevent the pipes freezing up.
  • There are many different steps that you can take to help prevent burst or frozen pipe, visit our help prevent burst or frozen water pipes web page.

Severe weather - burst water pipes

If you discover that you have a burst water pipe then there are 4 simple steps that you take to ensure that the damage to your home or property is minimised. Firstly, turn off the water supply to your home and turn your cold taps on to drain the system.

Secondly you should turn off your central heating system, and once this is done then you should place the hot taps on to help with the draining of the water system.

Next you should turn off the electrics at the mains supply and if any electrical wiring is wet then call an electrician to deal with it. Lastly it is important to check your floorboards and timber to ensure that any damp does not fester and lead to wet rot.

Severe weather - frozen water pipes

To help stop water damage to your property after you have discovered a frozen pipe there are three simple steps to take. First, as always you should turn off your water supple to ensure pipes do not burst.

Secondly, ensure that any valuable documents or any electrical appliances are protected if the pipe does burst and your home begins to flood.

Lastly you can help to thaw out the pipe’s using a hot water bottle or a hairdryer and moving from the tap end up the pipe to the water tank end. You should also place the tap on to ensure that the water has space to move down the pipe and out.